The Clinique du Parc Radiology Department is equipped with highly developed technical facilities, containing 2 CT scanners and 2 MRIs, including 1 dedicated to osteoarticular and spinal diseases. This is the first and only “dedicated MRI” in Languedoc-Roussillon.

    The medical team includes 10 radiologists, each highly specialized in a field of diagnostic imaging and interventional procedure.

    In spinal pathology, the center is specialized in performing CT-guided infiltration, cementoplasty, and the SpineJack kyphoplasty system.


    INFILTRATION CT-guided lumbar infiltration involves a radio-guided injection at the place the nerve emerges from the spine, into a canal (foramen) located between two vertebrae. The cortisone crystal-based anti-inflammatory medication injected directly in contact with the nerve calms the irritation responsible for the pain of sciatica, cruralgia, or cervicobrachial neuralgia.

    The CT-guided procedure allows safe guidance of the needle through the body, to get as close as possible to the nerve root for maximum effectiveness.


    Cementoplasty or percutaneous vertebroplasty involves the injection of cement within a vertebral body after compression, a fracture, or a tumor.

    It is a percutaneous procedure, since the cement is introduced through the skin using a simple needle, the path of which is guided by CT.

    The objective of the cementoplasty is twofold: It allows for the immediate consolidation of a weakened vertebra, offering the patient the option to go without wearing a rigid back brace. It is also performed to treat spinal pain associated with compression or tumor.


    The SpineJack kyphoplasty system is a procedure reserved for the treatment of certain vertebral fractures with depression of the vertebral endplates.

    The SpineJack implant is introduced folded, through a thin cannula, the path of which is guided by CT into the vertebral body. It will then be deployed and its action on the vertebral endplates is comparable to that of a “jack”. Once the vertebra has regained its original shape, it is consolidated through the injection of a cement, as in a conventional cementoplasty procedure.