Clinique du parc

The Clinique du Parc is a medical and surgical care establishment, located in a park of several hectares, on the banks of the river Lez, less than 10 minutes from Montpellier city centre.

It groups together the various specialities and technical facilities for the treatment of all conditions in its 20 000 m².

The CCV Montpellier

The CCV Montpellier was created 25 years ago within the Clinique du Parc by Dr Thierry MARNAY.

It is regularly ranked among the leading centres for spine surgery (3rd private French establishment in the newspaper Le Point 2019 ranking).

Currently, the CCV comprises:

  • 5 spine surgeons,
  • 7 anaesthetists specialising in spinal pain,
  • An interventional radiology team (2 MRI’s, 3 scanners) specialising in the placement of spinal implants under scanner,
  • A rehabilitation team set up in an école du dos system,
  • A neurologist,
  • A nutritionist,
  • A psychologist,
  • An orthotist.

for a multi-disciplinary approach to spinal conditions.

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An internationally renowned centre

The CCV Montpellier treats patients from 70 departments in France and more than 20 countries worldwide.

Since its creation, the CCV Montpellier has welcomed more than 500 surgeons from the American continent, Asia or the Middle East for disc replacement or scoliosis surgery training.

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2 000 per year

2 000 operations per year

+ 40 /week

40 to 50 spinal interventions per week

450 per year

450 lumbar disc replacements per year

560 per year

560 ALIF cages per year

270 per year

270 cervical surgeries per year

135 per year

135 scoliosis surgeries per year

75 per year

75 spondylolisthesis surgeries per year

300 per year

300 hernia or lumbar spinal stenosis surgeries per year

Figures for the year 2018