Why are you in pain?

  • A disease which deforms the spine during growth by curvature

  • Very gradual onset of abnormal curvatures of the spine, accelerating during adolescence

  • Sensation of spinal deviation, rib cage deformity, shoulder asymmetry or pain in the middle part of the back.

Which examinations should be carried out before consulting us?*

  • X-rays of the entire spine Front and Profile view or EOS imaging

*Examinations required for the study of your case at the CCV Montpellier

What surgical treatment can we recommend?

  • Correction of spinal deformity by fusion
  • Pre-implantation scanner and muscle saving method patented by the CCV Montpellier

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The key points

  • Indication: Scoliosis curvatures exceeding 40-50° at the end of growth
  • Minimally invasive and safe technique by CT scan for screw placement in the vertebrae
20 to 40 cm

vertical on 20 to 40 cm
in the back

to 4 hours

Duration of surgery

4 to 7 days

Average length of hospital stay

Immobilization: removable thermoformed brace for 6 weeks
(daytime wear)

3 to 9 months

Average recovery time

6 weeks

Minimum duration of school absence

3 months

Duration before resuming sports activities

from the
8th day

Flying home after surgery

6 to 12 months*

Duration of evolution until the final result of the surgery

*These are mean times, with possibility of significant variability from one patient to another.