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My E-Diagnosis

No matter where you are in the world, receive a surgical assessment of your back problems in just a few clicks.

The CCV Montpellier has developed an innovative online solution to enable its surgeons to establish a diagnosis within 7 days based on your medical information and imaging.

Online surgical advice, video teleconsultation or complete organisation of your medical stay…We are here for you.

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European Expert Centre for disc replacement

Let’s talk about us…

Designer of the world’s leading total disc replacement system, our clinic draws on 30 years of experience to promote its innovative techniques in all areas of spine and disc surgery.

With a patient satisfaction rate of 91.8%, our disc replacement system safely restores mobility to the vertebrae…

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A patented surgical procedure for the treatment of scoliosis

The CCV innovates in all areas of spinal surgery.

What if the unique collaborative process between radiologist and surgeon created at the CCV MONTPELLIER was the solution for your scoliosis surgery?

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Your case

Your pain, your doubts, your desire for solutions, we understand them.

We are a referral centre. We treat those who have no solution.
Our patients come from over 70 French departments and 20 countries from around the world, because we know how to listen, treat and help them reclaim their lives.

Your stay


Our team, our clinic

So that your surgery is a success.

We are 4 spine surgeon specialists, backed by a team of over 90 health care staff all dedicated to your recovery.
With 2 MRIs, 3 scanners and all the specialists on the same site, call us and let us manage all your appointments for your peace of mind.


Headline news

CCV MONTPELLIER is organizing a global live disc replacement surgery course on May 25 and 26, 2023.

The course will feature advanced lectures on surgical techniques and live procedures filmed from the operating room at the Clinique du Parc. The event will be broadcast live on the internet to an audience of European, American, Asian and Australian surgeons. Several hundred participants are expected.
Information and registration: https://www.cvent.com/d/gkqpmy

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