Why are you in pain?

  • Demineralization and weakening of the bone as a result of osteoporosis

  • Crushing of the vertebra on itself, due to a minor trauma or even without any apparent cause

  • Pain in the centre of the back that intensifies with position and effort

Which examinations should be carried out before consulting us?*

  • Lumbar MRI

*Examinations required for the study of your case at the CCV Montpellier

What surgical treatment can we recommend?

  • CT-guided cement injection (Cementoplasty)

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The key points

  • Indication: Recent vertebral compression fracture (according to certain criteria)
  • Percutaneous technique: CT-guided cement injection under local anesthesia
20 min

Duration of the procedure


No hospitalisation

No immobilisation

2 to 4 weeks

Average convalescence
period: relative rest for 2 to 4 weeks

48 hours

Minimum duration of absence from work


Period before starting back driving

4 weeks

Duration before resuming sports activities

from the
2nd day

Flying home after surgery

4 to 12 weeks*

Duration of evolution until the final result of the surgery

*These are mean times, with possibility of significant variability from one patient to another.