Your stay

We do our utmost to offer you technical, customised and attentive care at every stage of your stay.


Welcome to the Centre de Chirurgie Vertébrale de Montpellier. To ensure that your stay is as satisfactory as possible our medical secretaries will be your trusted contacts.

The consultation

The interview with your surgeon will establish the relationship of trust that is essential for any surgery.
The discussions you will have will help to explain the origin of your pain and determine your care programme.

Your room

Your stay will be in a single or double room as requested, all recently renovated and equipped with WIFI, TV and air conditioning.

The clinic also offers executive rooms located in a private wing for optimal privacy and comfort.


A successful surgery is conditioned by rigorous technical organisation as well as personal support to prepare you for the operation and support you when you wake up.


The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol enables the coordination of all care professionals (surgeon, anaesthetist, pain team, physiotherapist, nurse) before, during and after surgery, with a common objective: to put the patient at the heart of the medical project and to encourage early resumption of activities.

The park

A peaceful environment.
You and your loved ones can enjoy the exceptional setting of the Clinic’s mature park spanning several hectares as well as the landscaped banks of the river Lez.


A complete medical report with all the recommendations for your return home, the operation report, prescriptions for painkillers, nursing and physiotherapy, sick leave and the date of the next follow-up appointment will be given to you.

Your GP will receive an explanatory letter and a copy of the documents.

Post-operative follow-up

Every person operated on at CCV has a follow-up of between 1 month and 2 years depending on the type of surgery. Check-ups and appointments with your surgeon are grouped and carried out on site. Our e-medicine platform can be contacted during working hours for any advice. A 24-hour emergency service is available in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Organisation of your stay

Whether you are in France or abroad, our dedicated service organises your medical stay down to the last detail.

With three levels of service, Classic, Premium and Executive, our team is available and attentive to your needs to ensure that your stay is pleasant and worry-free.

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