Getting treatment in France

A culture of innovation

French surgeons have pioneered major innovations in spine surgery over the past 50 years, including pedicle screws by Raymond Roy-Camille (1963), scoliosis instrumentation by Yves Cotrel and Jean Dubousset (1983), dynamic interspinous stabilisation by Jacques Senegas (1984) and the Prodisc® total disc replacement by the founder of the CCV, Dr Thierry Marnay (1990), so continuing a solid and well established surgical expertise.

Excellence in surgery

Thanks to cutting-edge surgery, quality infrastructures and an internationally renowned health system, France welcomes many patients from all over the world.

Treatment performance

The French health system is regularly distinguished in international rankings: the World Health Organisation has awarded it first place in its world comparison.

This proven performance ensures that patients are treated quickly, with average waiting times that place France in 3rd place in the Commonwealth Fund 2014 rankings.

Thanks to the strict control of the price of implants and hospital fees, it also allows for very competitive tariffs.

Montpellier, a tradition

Montpellier is home to the world’s oldest surviving faculty of medicine (13th century), in a region that is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and boasts six UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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