After completing your request for medical advice from a CCV surgeon, you will be contacted by our team within 48 hours.

A free preliminary study of your case will have been carried out by the surgeon of your choice, to decide whether your condition can be treated at the CCV Montpellier.

If you are geographically distant, you will be offered a teleconsultation appointment with your surgeon via the internet.

The teleconsultation will allow you to explain your medical history in detail, to specify your symptoms and your expectations in the management of your condition. The discussions with your surgeon and the study of your medical images will allow them to define the diagnosis, to explain the origin of your pain and to detail a treatment programme, with its benefits, risks, success rates and failures. The teleconsultation can be completed later by a medical consultation at the practitioner’s office, as certain clinical signs can only be clarified after a physical examination. The teleconsultation is a medical act billed by the CCV Montpellier (see Tariffs section).

For your information

Teleconsultation is governed by articles L.6316-1 and R.6316-1 of the French Public Health Code and by the decree of August 1, 2018 approving amendment no. 6 to the national agreement organising relations between private doctors and the health insurance scheme signed on August 25, 2016. Please note that if you are consulting with the CCV for the first time (you have never seen any of the surgeons in consultation at the practice before), the teleconsultation will not be covered by the health insurance and you will be required to pay for it yourself with no possibility of refund (€150, see the tariffs section).